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28th November 2012


"The Nativity" on Flickr.Merry Christmas to you all!

"The Nativity" on Flickr.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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22nd November 2012


A Thanksgiving Day Poem

Good morning to you one and all
It’s Thanksgiving Day, watch football
Pass the turkey, pass the pie
Just remember the reason why
You have the blessings you enjoy
Father, mother, girl and boy

Our ancestors of pilgrims fare
Said to a king, “We’re going there
To start a life free to praise
Our Lord God in our own way
It may be hard. It may be rough
But we pilgrims are very tough”

"We know not what will happen there
But we know our Lord takes good care
Of His loving, faithful, peaceful flock
And will guide us through any shock”
And so the seeds of a nation came
which grew and flourished with great pain.

But now we are a nation strong
Though some do seek to do us wrong
And bring our fruitful country down
To the level of a Third World town.
Remain in faith to the one true God
And never on us let our enemies trod

We’ve stood for over two hundred years
We’ve fought wars and shed a billion tears
We have the right to enjoy this day
As long as we remember along the way
Just what we have to give thanks for
In every home from shore to shore.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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28th June 2012

Photo with 3 notes

"Zombie Sam" on Flickr.Happy Independence Day! Zombie Sam says, “Don’t play with fireworks! Zombies hate missing parts!” So be safe!

"Zombie Sam" on Flickr.

Happy Independence Day! Zombie Sam says, “Don’t play with fireworks! Zombies hate missing parts!” So be safe!

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